libinsitu is a library to transform in situ data time series) into a standard NetCDF format.

It was primilary developed for solar in situ data, but is also adapted to other usages.

The aim is to improve standardization and interoperability, to leverage development of new tools.

It provides :

  • A set of CLI utilities and Python functions to :

    • Transform raw input files into NetCDF format

    • Explore & query NetCDF files, and transform it to various formats (CSV, JSON, text, pandas Dataframes)

    • Flag data with quality checks and produce graphs for visual quality control

  • A set of formatted and enriched metadata for several networks and their stations.

  • A proposed convention for in-situ data, on top of CF conventions.

In addition, we process input data for many networks of solar data and make them available through a Thredds data server and a web interface. For more details, see the data section.

Preview of web interface


libinsitu is available via pip :

pip install libinsitu

Main website

libinsitu has its dedicated website :


libinsitu is developped and maintained by Raphaël Jolivet and Yves Marie Saint-Drenan, from the research center O.I.E of Mines-Paristech

Contact and discussion

Please subscribe to the mailing list :


libinsitu is distributed under the BSD 2-Clause License

Source code

The source code is available of our gitlab