libinsitu is a library to transform solar in situ data into a standard NetCDF format.

The aim is to improve standardization and interoperability, to leverage development of new tools.

It provides :

  • A set of CLI utilities and Python functions to :

    • Transform raw input files into NetCDF format

    • Explore & query NetCDF files, and transform it to various formats (CSV, JSON, text, pandas Dataframes)

    • Flag data with quality checks and produce graphs for visual quality control

  • A set of formatted and enriched metadata for several networks and their stations.

  • A proposed convention for solar data, on top of CF conventions.

In addition, we process input data for many networks and make them available through a Thredds data server and a web interface. For more details, see the data section.

Preview of web interface


libinsitu is available via pip :

pip install libinsitu


libinsitu is developped and maintained by Raphaël Jolivet and Yves Marie Saint-Drenan, from the research center O.I.E of Mines-Paristech

Contact and discussion

Please subscribe to the mailing list :


libinsitu is distributed under the BSD 2-Clause License

Source code

The source code is available of our gitlab